Promote® Forage-Mate® is a line of forage inoculants, hay preservatives, and aerobic stabilizers for producers of silage, balage, hay, and other feeds. The Promote® Forage-Mate® products are designed for various crop types, moistures, and harvesting conditions, enabling you to find the right product for your individual needs. Our goal is to help dairy farmers and other producers make higher quality feed to support their animals’ productivity, meeting Cargill’s greater goal of feeding the world and meeting the demands of our growing global population.

Our team is passionate about making top notch inoculants and blended acid products that deliver the results you expect. We leverage our partnerships for raw material sourcing and our strengths in manufacturing, quality assurance, and customer service to build our products and serve our customers. We strive for continuous improvement for our products through research partnerships with universities, research labs, and Cargill innovation and technical application centers. We also offer in-field technical support to assist our teams of consultants and account managers.

Additionally, we understand seasonal products like forage inoculants bring logistics challenges to our customers. Our services include just-in-time fulfillment, with direct shipment of product to you or your end user customer when it is needed. You don’t have to worry about logistics or carrying inventory. Orders can be placed based on current conditions for harvest, making inoculants easy.

Promote® Forage-Mate® products are available through Provimi and Cargill



Inoculants are viable cultures of lactic acid bacteria that, when used properly, stimulate the fermentation of forages to help dairy farmers make higher quality silage to feed their cows. We proudly manufacture forage inoculants in our Specialty Blending Facility, a state-of-the-art site built in 2016.


Aerobic Stabilizers

The Promote® Forage-Mate® aerobic stabilizers are liquid and dry blended acid products designed to preserve silage, hay, and other feeds. Our acid blends are all buffered and therefore non-corrosive to equipment and safe to handle.



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