With more than 30 million beef cattle in the U.S., the beef industry ranges in types and sizes of operations, breed specializations, climate challenges, production goals, and more. In addition to managing factors unique to their own operation, beef producers must also confront industry challenges such as herd health, Veterinary Feed Directive regulations, and changing consumer demands. Regardless of your operation’s needs, Promote® is prepared to assist you in addressing your unique concerns and challenges. Through the strategic use of feed additives such as forage inoculants, heat stress products, and hay preservatives, Promote® can help your operation meet its goals.


High heat index, birth, weaning, handling, moving, and health challenges can all result in oxidative stress in beef cattle. AOX is a combination of botanicals that help support animal health during stressful conditions. AOX provides a low-cost alternative to meet beef animals’ health needs.


Recommended Use:

Mix AOX into cattle rations at a rate of 0.4 to 1.6 pounds per ton of complete feed, based on nutritionist recommendations.

Cinergy IGP 5/10

Cinergy IGP 5/10 is a blended feed supplement. It contains reed-sedge peat, yeast cultures, and fermentation extracts of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis to promote normal gut health. Extensive research on IGP indicates its use supports rumen buffering.


Recommended Use:

Feed Cinergy IGP 5/10 at a rate of 50 grams per head per day.

Defusion® 501

Defusion® 501 is an anti-caking flow agent designed for use in feed rations across species, including beef cattle.


Recommended Use:

Defusion® 501 should be fed to cattle at a rate of 10 to 20 grams per head per day, not exceeding 2 percent in the total ration.

Defusion® VAC-60

Defusion® VAC-60 is a unique combination of rumen buffers, yeast cultures, bacterial fermentation products, feed preservatives, and vitamins. Defusion® VAC-60 is designed to serve as a supplement to cattle as an aid in maintaining rumen function.


Recommended Use:

Introduce Defusion® VAC-60 at 30 grams per head per day for 3 to 5 days, then increase to 50 to 60 grams per head per day.

Defusion® VAC-60 contains a minimum of 13 percent sulfur and should only be used when total ration sulfur can be maintained below the NRC 2001 maximum tolerable level of 0.3 percent in the diet for beef cattle. Total sulfur includes sulfur from water as well as feed. As with all feed ingredients, follow label directions carefully and consult your nutritionist if needed.

I.C.E.® Plus

Promote® I.C.E.® Plus is a proprietary blend of key ingredients that helps cattle better regulate their body temperature during heat stress, minimizing the effects on milk production and enhancing reproductive success by keeping cattle cool from the inside out. Promote® I.C.E.® Plus has been reformulated for 2020 to include plant-based compounds that help support animal health during stressful conditions.

Recommended Use:

Promote® I.C.E.® Plus is available as a concentrated premix for inclusion at 0.04 pounds per head per day and in a less concentrated form for on farm addition at 0.1 pounds per head per day. Promote® I.C.E.® Plus is also available in a summer grazing product with a feeding rate of 4 ounces per head per day.


Heat stress costs the US beef industry an estimated $369 million annually. Heat stress occurs when the Temperature-Humidity Index (THI) reaches levels high enough to overwhelm animals’ adaptive mechanisms. Under heat stress, cattle experience elevated body temperature, increased respiration rate, disrupted feed intake, acidosis, and reproductive issues. Therma-Comfort™ is a blend of ingredients research has shown can support feedlot cattle at times of heat stress.  

Recommended Use:


Strategic Use:  Feed at a rate of 3.5 grams/head/day.

Continuous Use: Feed at a rate of 2.1 grams/head/day.


Trasic SeY

Trasic SeY is a selenium yeast product that contains high amounts of selenomethionine and selenocysteine, which are taken up by the animal and stored for use when the animal’s needs for selenium exceed daily intake. This increased bioavailability leads to a more effective and efficient product.


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