Improve Income Over Feed Cost

AAlphaTek® offers an easy way to improve income over feed costs, and is backed by research and proven in the field. When added to the diet, AAlphaTek enhances existing degradable protein sources by reducing ruminal protein degradation resulting in positive production responses. 

AAlphaTek is a proprietary blend of fermentation extracts, vitamins, minerals, protein sources and botanicals that:

  • Increases energy corrected milk yield

  • In research trials with lactating cows, an increase in energy corrected milk yield was demonstrated when AAlphaTek was incorporated into the diet

  • Increases flow of metabolizable protein (MP from the rumen)

  • Reducing ruminal degradation of protein sources increases the flow of MP to the cow’s small intestine

Average income over feed cost increased across trials at $0.30/head/day driven by production responses equating to a 4:1 return on investment.

Producer Question and Answer for AAlphaTek

Read frequently asked questions from producers about rumen undegradable protein (RUP) and feeding AAlphaTek.

Improve Milk Fat to Improve Profitability

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Formulation Options

AAlphaTek can be added to a ration at the rate of 0.07 lbs./head/day.  

Or, AAlphaTek can be conveniently modeled in a variety of proprietary and commercially available ration balancing software.

Recommended Use

In diets high in RDP, keep diet formulation similar and incorporate AAlphaTek into the diet. The net result is an increase in the flow of MP to the hindgut to support additional production. 

Where expensive RUP sources are used, there is an opportunity to reduce the supplemental protein cost by making greater use of RDP sources. The net result is a similar flow of MP to the hindgut at a lower cost.

Want to learn more?

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